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Bringing together the most influential industry members, policy makers and radon stakeholders, this conference helped delegates accelerate their impact in 2017 and benefit from a rising public awareness of radiation exposure due to radon gas. The theme of this year’s conference was PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS for RADON Industry, Awareness and Policy.  The conference focused on practical strategies which will move your organization to the forefront as public awareness of radiation due to radon moves into the mainstream.


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  MONDAY -  April 24 2017       TUESDAY April 25 2017


Alpha particle irradiation and human health, and the results of the 2013-2016 Southern Alberta Radon Study               [Dr. Aaron Goodarzi and Fintan Stanley]

Radon Monitoring in Alberta Government Owned and Supported Buildings
  [Colin Wildgrube]


Introducing COIRA   [Shawn Price]

Innovator Mitigator   
[Various Presenters]
Concrete Shrinkage and Joint Sealing CARST 2017 final.pdf
Gophering - CARST 2017 Final.pdf

Cause Marketing: How to Benefit from doing Good 
 [Ryan Richie]

Discussion of Emanation & Granite [Dr. Jing Chen]

Importance for Radon Data as a Core Components to Informing Policy Decision Making [Britt Swoveland]

Transparent Communication of Radon Test Results in schools     [Greg Baytalan]

Learning Lessons & Best Practices from Testing our Schools         [Sahar Ashtiani]

Lessons for Policy Change Advocacy in Ontario
[Bob Wood]


Design and Development of a Radon Calibration Chamber for Canada   [Jason Sadowski]

C-NRPP Updates    [Pam Warkentin]

PNCR-C Programme 2017 mis à jour.pdf  

CARSTs Real Estate Testing Guideline                    [Mark Diplock]


The Log House from Heck 
[Various Presenters]

Common Sources of Noise in Radon Systems & Their Solutions   
[Henk De Haan]

Methodology for Determination of Radon Soil Concentration                                                               [James Menge]

Map of Radon Zones and Its Implication: A Case for Detect to Protect and Code Application              [Winnie Cheng]

Ottawa - Arnprior 1:50 0000 The Geography/Geology of Radon Hazard Potential Mapping  [Stephanie Woodend]


Health Canada's National Radon Program          [Kelley Bush & Renato Falcomer]

Radon Updates from Across the Country  [Various Presenters]


Lessons from Castlegar       [Dr. Dana Schmidt]

Discussion on the importance of the National Radon Program     [Dr. Jing Chen]


Intercomparison of Radon Chambers                     [Phil Jenkins]

Estimating Exposures in Workplaces                 [Cheryl Peters]

Concrete Shrinkage and Joint Sealing                  [Colin Dumais]

Best Practices Quality Control for Mitigation   [William Angel]


Analysis of Canada's Progress in Radon Awareness: How do we motivate people to action?   [Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol]

Dinner at MountView Barbecue
Guest Speaker: Michael Holmes, Jr.


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