Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

Helping Canadians Reduce Radon Risk


Protect Canadians from radon exposure through the following activities:

A) Provide opportunities for liaison on matters related to radon gas between professionals and other interested public and private organizations.

B) Promote public awareness and education of radon gas measurement, the health effects of radon gas, and the abatement, mitigation and reduction of radon gas.

    Oversee the C-NRPP Program which: 

    A) Promotes quality professional standards for the measurement and mitigation of radon gas.  

    B) Provides opportunities for gathering, organizing, storing, sharing and disseminating information and knowledge relating to radon gas, the health effects of radon gas, and its mitigation.

    Mission Statement

    CARST’s mission is to be the authoritative voice on radon information in Canada and we bring together individuals and organizations who recognize the need and are driven to help Canadians with reducing their radon exposure and preventing lung cancer from radon.  We provide a place where Canadians can find help in understanding and reducing their risk from radon, and we provide our members with access to radon relevant resources, opportunities to learn more about radon research and standards and connect with other stakeholders to promote collaborative opportunities to work together on initiatives that will increase radon awareness and improve standards across the country.


    Our vision is to help Canadians reduce radon risk in their home, workplace and public environment.


    CARST membership includes a wide range of professionals, industry and organizational types.  The benefits of belonging to CARST include being part of an organization the provides up to date information on ongoing radon research and awareness across Canada.

     Our membership includes professionals from:

    • Radon Professionals
    • Government
    • Health Organizations & Health Authorities
    • Provincial Governments
    • Canadian Cancer Society
    • Cancer Agencies
    • Renovators
    • Engineers
    • Building and Construction Sector
    • Building Officials
    • Anyone with Radon in their mandate/work
    • Home Inspectors
    • Public
    • Cancer Prevention Agencies
    • Municipalities
    • Lung Associations
    • Architects

    Administrative Staff

    Pam Warkentin

    A founding member of CARST and a C-NRPP certified measurement professional, Pam Warkentin is the Executive Director of both CARST and C-NRPP, and Project Manager of the Take Action on Radon (TAOR) Program.  Pam works closely with the CARST Board of Directors, the C-NRPP Policy Advisory Board, and all CARST committees.  She also coordinates with Health Canada and radon stakeholders across the country.

    Erin Curry, Eng.

    A Mechanical Engineer who previously ran her own building inspection and radon measurement firm, Erin is Regional Director at CARST, and also serves as Project Lead for the Take Action on Radon (TAOR) Project.  Erin uses a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to support our members.  Based near Montreal Quebec, Erin is the French-speaking contact for all CARST initiatives.

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    CARST is proud to unite members from across Canada, which encompasses the traditional territory of many First Nations, Métis Peoples, and Inuit whose ancestral footsteps and rights extend beyond the colonial boundaries that exist today. We respectfully honour these Peoples' rights, history, and relationships with this Land.

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