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#CARST2018 Speaker Feature: Dr Jose Luis Gutiérrez Villanueva

12 Feb 2018 1:12 PM | Erin Curry (Administrator)

Jose Luis Gutiérrez-Villanueva, PhD. is a radiation physicist with a focus on natural radioactivity.  Currently the Secretary of the European Radon Association (ERA), he works at Radonova Laboratories in Uppsala Sweden. 

Dr. Gutiérrez-Villanueva is active in radon research as well as quality control of instruments (data analysis of inter-comparisons, data treatment of radon gas as well as gamma dose rate).  He has experience in radon measurement campaigns and radon risk mapping and is responsible for the European tasks regarding the COIRA inter-comparison exercise.

Join us in Ottawa to hear Dr. Gutiérrez-Villanueva present on the new Workplace Exposure Guidelines.

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