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CARST 2022 Summer Newsletter

09 Aug 2022 12:44 PM | CARST (Administrator)

Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

Helping Canadians Reduce Radon Risk

2022 Summer Newsletter

Dear CARST Members,

Summer is here once more, and already flying right by! We hope that you’ll find some time to rest and recharge in the weeks ahead, and what better time to catch up on some news from the radon world?

Sponsor your MP to spread radon awareness and encourage action

As part of CARST’s Radon Action Month campaign for 2022 we would like to engage with our members of parliament (MPs) across Canada, and we need your support!  We’ve identified several points where radon can be addressed at the federal policy level, including ensuring that the Canadian Labour Code is harmonized with Health Canada’s guideline and securing a radon mitigation tax credit.

This fall, we will be writing to MPs across the country to inform them about radon gas and provide them with a free digital radon monitor.  Ideally, we would like to be able to provide each MP with a radon monitor, as we’re learning that there’s no better way to engage people in radon gas than by showing them a digital indication of the radon level in their home.

Here is what we need from you!  Help us make sure we can send every MP their own digital radon monitor by signing up here to sponsor the cost.  You can choose to sponsor one or multiple MPs, or sign up as a National Sponsor and we’ll add your name and logo to the letter we send to your MP acknowledging your role in getting this device into their hands.

Let us know if you are interested in helping us with our national MP strategy and join us via zoom for a couple of meetings leading up to Radon Action Month 2022.

C-NRPP Professionals

The past few years have seen continued growth in the radon mitigation profession.  While this is great news for radon awareness overall, there have also been some growing pains.  It’s of vital importance that all C-NRPP professionals take care to maintain the high standards of workmanship and professionalism that set C-NRPP professionals apart from uncertified contractors.

C-NRPP will be emphasizing our Code of Ethics and professional guidelines over the coming year; developing new resources to support and guide all C-NRPP professionals and ensuring that our standards are clearly understood for easy compliance.

Watch for this year’s C-NRPP Exert Café’s which will cover topics such as professional ethics, standard documentation, updates to the Public Guide -  keeping you up to date on current standards and guidance. 

Health Canada has revised its Public Measurement Guide and recently released it publicly.  Check out the links below.  They are also currently updating the Residential Measurement Guide.  

Find the links to the new Health Canada Public Building documents here: 




Each year, CARST’s Board of Directors establishes goals for the coming year, but it’s up to the various CARST committees to do the work that will move us toward achieving those goals.  Would you like to be involved?  Now is the perfect time to check out the various CARST committees and sign up to help!  Learn more on the committee dashboard and ask to sign up by emailing

CARST Conference 2023

CARST2023 – Save the date! We’re excited to be planning our first in-person Conference in several years, to be held April 13th through 15th 2023. Stay tuned for more details! Interested in helping to plan next year’s Conference?  Join the Conference Committee by emailing

Welcome New Members!

CARST membership continues to grow, and we're pleased to welcome the following new members:

  • Adrian Duncescu
  • Alexander Grams
  • Amelia Nechka
  • Amy Kadwell
  • Andrea Cheng
  • Andrew Salmon
  • Audrey Lavoie
  • Benoit Giguère
  • Charbel Azzi
  • Cole Kingzett
  • Daniel Chiddenton
  • Ella Dumais
  • Eve Nadeau-Labadie
  • Gabriel Bouchard
  • Gail Martin
  • Guillaume Morin
  • Hugo Savard
  • Jacquie Elvish
  • Jesse Timmons
  • Jimmy Cameron
  • Jirimy Fontaine
  • Layla Miller
  • Lincoln Williams
  • Lucas Sheptycki
  • Mahmood Dewji
  • Marcel Leblanc-Lupton
  • Martin Gendron
  • Matthew Brown
  • Maxime Dumont
  • Michael Charlton
  • Mojtaba Kayhan
  • Nick Sullivan
  • Nicolas Dunn
  • Nicolas Leblanc
  • Paul Jensen
  • Philip Wiebe
  • Ricardo Mercado
  • Robert Maccarrone
  • Ryan Woroniak
  • Scott Rivard
  • Steven Joudrey
  • Trevor Sisson
  • Tyler Voigt
  • Wesley Vasconcelos
  • Yves Bernier

To all new members, we wish a warm welcome. By joining CARST, you’ve joined an unparalleled group of knowledgeable, dedicated radon professionals with a wide variety of skills and expertise.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns at

The CARST Team

Mitigation Grant Programs 

As all CARST members are aware, the cost of a mitigation system can be a major obstacle for many families who need to reduce their radon level.  With this in mind we are please to announce that two regions now have Mitigation Grant Programs. 

The Manitoba Lung Association launched the Lungs Matter program, which will provide up to $1500 in funding towards radon mitigation for low to moderate income families or those with a lung cancer diagnosis in the household. 

  • Radon professionals can sign up to sponsor the program here.
  • Those wishing to apply for the grant can do so here.
  • Additional information on the grant can be found on the Breathe: The Lung Association website linked here.

The RDCO has also launched a grant program for homeowners in the Central Okanagan.  They provide grants which cover 80% of the cost of the radon mitigation program to a max of $500.  However, they have additional funding up to $1500 available for those who qualify as low income.  Find more information online here.

The Canadian Lung Association has announced their plans to launch a similar grant program Canada-wide, with more details expected soon.

Radon Reduction Sweepstakes 

The Radon Reduction Sweepstakes, now in its 6th year, closed for applications at the end of June.  This year’s contest attracted over 350 entries from all 10 provinces, representing 61 C-NRPP professionals.  Winners have been selected by random draw and will by contacted soon. 

Radon professionals are able to direct their clients to the 7th year of the program via our online portal.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 16 1pm EDT - C-NRPP Cafe Health Canada's Guide for Radon Measurements in Public Buildings

August 14, 3pm EDT - Lung Sask's Presentation of Radon Survey Results 

August 23,  11:30 EDT - Take Action on Radon – National Stakeholders Meeting 

September 19-20, Radon Measurement Course in Kelowna, BC

September 21-25, Radon Mitigation Course in Kelowna, BC

April 13-16, 2023 - CARST Conference 2023

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