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2014 Conference 

Conference Presentations:

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Experiences of the Ontario Lung Association

Update on Health Canada’s National Radon Program

Radon Awareness & Ontario Radon Working Group(ORWG)Education Toolkit ORWG Part 1 Part 2

C-NRPP Progress in Canada




Connie Choy

Kelley Bush & Jeff Whyte

Philip Wong

 Peter Hendricks & Pam Warkentin

 Summary of the goals and achievements of the Action Plan of the province of Quebec     

Paper Submission: A History of Radon Testing &


Risk Assessment in Schools


Dr. Jean-Claude Dessau

                      Luc Lance

Anne-Marie Nicole

 Radon A Public Health Perspective

Occupational Exposure: Health and Safety

Radon Resistant Construction Understanding the

          Short falls of the Ontario Building Code

Combining Forces for Change

Radon Risk Communication Strategies: A Regional Story

Moving Forward Workshop: Building the Industry

Moving Forward Workshop

Emily Peterson and Ray Copes

Arthur Scott

 Bruce Decker & Bob Wood

                                  Alan Whitehead

Winnie Cheung 

Don Pinchin

Erica Phipps

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