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An Elemental Approach: RADON in EARTH AIR WATER

This year's conference was a great success due to an amazing array of informative speakers, supporting and engaging sponsor exhibits, amazing group of participants and networking opportunities and of course, the 2nd annual Radon Olympics to keep the participants entertained.

As speakers provide us with permission to post their presentations, we will link the pdf of their slides to the schedule page, please note, we will not be posting any presentations of speakers who are in the process of publishing their research, as it may affect their ability to publish in certain publications.

View the conference program here, view the conference photo album here and find list of presentations below.

CARST 2018 Presentations



MONDAY - April 23, 2018

Pilot project: Radon in indoor air and domestic water of Chelsea [Mathieu Brossard]

Pennsylvania’s Radon Experiences [ David Allard ]

Radon Health Risk Perception of Ottawa Residents [Dr. Selim Khan]

Health gains for mitigation scenarios in Canada [ Dr. Janet Gaskin ]

Victoriaville - A Unique Approach to Municipal Radon Grant Programs [ Serge Cyr ]

Radon and New ICRP Recommendations [ Dr. John Harrison ]

NEW EU Directive EURATOM BSS and the evaluation of doses due to radon at workplaces [Jose Luis Gutierrez Villanuev]

Evict Radon Campaign [ Dr. Aaron Goodarzi and Fintan Stanley ]

New Approach to Radon Awareness Analysis of the Evict Radon Campaign [ Weston Jacques]

Citizen Scientist Project [ Mahsa Athari ]

Health Canada’s National Radon Program Update [Kelley Bush & Deepti Bijlani]

Cell Research [ Lesley Sutherland ]

Lung Cancer Canada [Dr. Wheatley Price and Christina Sit]

Motivational Speaker [ Michelle Sawatzky - Koop ], Olympic Athlete

TUESDAY - April 24, 2018


Diffusion Barrier Products [ Liang Zhou ]

Discussion on Backdrafting/Depressurization [ Don Fugler ]

Innovative/Interesting Installs [ Various ]


Issues and Legislation in the Yukon [ Angela Sabo ]

Radon Surveys in Cypress Hills [ Dr. David Torr ]

Municipality Radon Tool Kit [ Jenny Byford ]

Review of Radon Equilibrium Factors for Dose Assessment [ Jing Chen ]


Passive Stack and Ventilation [Liang Grace Zhou]

Tarion’s Radon Coverage [Dan Moreau and Siloni Waraich]

Radon – Managing Risks and Liabilities [Robert Woon ]


Scan of First Nations, Inuit and Metis radon activities across the country [Dr. Anne-Marie Nicole]

First Nations Approach to Radon Measurement [Casey Neathway]

Understanding Exposure Calculations for Canadian Workplaces [Greg Baytalan ]

Radon in Schools Project [ Sandy Shergill ]

Healthy Schools Project [ Erica Phipps ]

Communication Strategies to Get Buy-in and Raise Radon Awareness [ Sahar Ashtiani ]

Little Lungs Presentation [ Jennifer May and Jeff Zimmer ]

Radon Workplace Challenge - website [ Connie Choy ]

CANSar Presentation [ Angel Price ]

Radon and Real Estate Tool Kit [ Pam Warkentin/Erin Curry ]

Looking Forward to TAOR 2018

CARST 2018 Photo Album

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