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Questions for a Professional
You may want to ask a professional...
  • For proof of past work (photos, past test results)
  • For references
  • For a plan and schedule for the work to be done
  • If they are C-NRPP Certified (if they are, ask for proof)
  • To do an onsite inspection of your home
  • Whether they have liability insurance
  • What steps they do as part of the ‘Communication Testing’ or diagnostics prior to installing a full system
  • Whether they charge for diagnostic testing
  • What type of monitor will be used to ensure the radon reduction system is working continually
  • What type of testing will be conducted after the system is installed to confirm it has been effective in reducing radon levels
  • To explain what the work will involve, how long it will take to complete, and how the radon reduction system will work
  • For a guarantee of radon to be lowered to a acceptable level

Remember, before selecting a radon professional homeowners should always get estimates, ask questions, and check references.

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