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Unmasking the Faces of Lung Cancer

For your average Canadian, “lung cancer” probably brings to mind the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke.  Too few Canadians are aware that radon follows smoking as the second-leading cause of lung cancer, and that radon and smoking combined pose an even higher risk.  There can be no stronger advocates for radon awareness than those who have battled radon-induced lung cancer and survived, or those who have a lost a loved one to radon.  With that in mind, CARST is launching a new public awareness campaign; Unmasking the Faces of Lung Cancer.

The goal of this campaign is to give those affected by lung cancer a voice, and in turn, give a face (in fact, many faces) to the dangers that most of us know only as statistics.

For this project to succeed, CARST needs your help.  Are you a lung cancer survivor?  Have you met a lung cancer survivor in the course of your work?  Do you know someone who’s had their home tested or mitigated after a lung cancer diagnosis?  The project is a simple one: each participant will be asked to answer a short questionnaire, and submit a photo of themselves as one of the many faces of lung cancer.  Those who are interested may also be interviewed on camera to create a video.

Each person who shares their story will help to gradually unmask the true face of lung cancer.  From those who “never smoked a day in their lives”, to those for whom years of smoking combined with high radon exposure proved deadly.  Victims, survivors, family members; each story becomes part of the bigger picture.

The success of this campaign depends on your involvement.  

Here is a link to a short list of interview questions we’ve put together:

Unmasking the Faces of Lung Cancer v3.pdf

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