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July 2017

There was no clue: Woman certain radon found in basement cause her lung cancer

Radon gas: The invisible killer lurking in Canadian buildings

June 2017

Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians expected to get Cancer

2017 Canadian Cancer Stats

Lung Association of Saskatchewan office in Regina to close



May 2017

Responding to high radon levels in schools – the need for good communication

Students return to Kanata school after radon concern

Deadline looming for radon testing in Port Hope

Parents question high radon levels at Ottawa school

Citizens For Radioactive Radon Reduction (CRRR) on RADON & HEALTH CARE

A Three-Year Battle with Radon


April 2017

Radon risks - How concerned should you be?

Pittsburgh environmental groups launch initative to help schools and child-care facilities address ...

Local nonprofits launch campaign, address lead, radon hazards in schools

Encouraging radon policy advocacy in the child care sector

Maritimers heeding warning about dangers of radon

Testing Options for Radon in Okotoks

Nova Scotia - Elevated levels of 'silent killer' radon take Nova Scotia homeowners by surprise

Lung Association Raising Awareness About Radon Gas

Elevated levels of 'silent killer' radon take Nova Scotia homeowners by surprise

Testing For Harmful Radon Gas in Okotoks

Study shows radon levels near Health Canada limits

March 2017

Does your home have a problem with radon gas?  - UCalgary cancer researcher hoes you check - now

Study Shows radon levels near Health Canada limits

High River Times - High Radon Gas found in High River

Ontario Home Builders Association on Radon 

Radon the Deadliest of Household "Silent Killers"

Radon in homes in Scotland: 2016 Data Report

February 2017

Ontario Building Code updates explained

Testing schools for radon – Kelowna

Schools and Homes should be tested

How to Test for Radon Gas in your Home

How to finish a basement properly – Nova Scotia

Radon Gas in Guelph - What you need to know

Council Challenged Over Radon – Kingston ON

How Safe is The Air in That Home You Have Your Eye on?

January 2017

Radon Detection Reimagined with Launch of Airthings Wave

East Vancouver Homes For Sale: Protect Your Investment from Radon

Sarnia Residents Urged To Test For Radon Gas

St. Lawrence site selected for pilot project

Too many face unnecessary cancer risks: Advisory group

Protecting Yourself from Radon

December 2016

Plans being made after radon kits snapped up – Whitehorse

Winter months in Trail area, ideal to test for radon gas – BC

Radon testing available for Trail residents and public buildings – BC

Radon testing encouraged-AB

IH donates radon testing kits - BC

Nova Scotians urged to test for cancer-causing radon

Be Radon aware – free test kits available - BC

November 2016

High levels of cancer-causing radon gas in Canadian homes, says Lung Association

New Research Focuses on Radon Exposure in Canadian Schools

Canadians Are Playing Radon Roulette

November is #RadonActionMonth: 4 things you should know

Terwillegar Tribune

Is Radon Gas hiding in your house?

Radon Gas in Your Home - SaskNow

Learn about radon risk at free public info session - Guelph

Still time to apply for free radon test kit - Windsor

Merrittonians urged to test homes for radon

Be radon aware to keep your home safe

Homeowners should check for radon - Salmon Arm, BC

Find Out if You Have a Radon Problem

Fall radon testing recommended

Ever heard of Radon? The silent killer?

Radon Awareness Time

November is National Radon Action Month, test your home for radon.

Radon gas: Invisible problem, invisible issue, says Guelph Health

'Take Action on Radon' this month

New Brunswickers urged to take radon levels in homes more seriously

High radon levels detected

Lambton County has average radon risk compared to rest of Ontario, according to local public ...

Rural-area homes showing high radon levels - Sudbury

It's the silent killer

Raising awareness about the dangers of radon

Radon testing underway in Armstrong

Test your home for radon and reduce your risk of lung cancer

Test shows low radon levels in city buildings - Prince George

Radon Presentation Highlights SCCR's New Initiative - Pembina Valley

Tests Found 11% Of Huron County Homes With High Radon Levels

Sarnia-Lambton homes at risk for radon gas exposure

Huron Health Unit Recommends Radon Testing

Take Action on Radon: Test. Reduce. Breathe Easy.

Now Is the Time to Test for Radon

Free test kits for Nova Scotia Residents - Click here for information.

Free kits to promote radon testing - Whitehorse

Free Radon Test Kits Available from Peterborough Public Health

Free Radon Test Kits Available - DouroDummer

CELA Challenges all MPs whose ridings have high radon levels – support a radon tax credit!

Take Action on Radon Launch their Little Lungs Project to have 2017 homes tested for radon in 2017

Janet's Story - although recorded in 2014, an important message to share.  Feel free to facebook, tweet or share online!

    October 2016

    Missed the AARST Conference?  Check out the presentations here.

    September 2016

    Radon in your home poses a significant health risk - Real Estate News

    August 2016

    Cancer Care Ontario and Public Health Ontario release a new report on the Environmental Burden of Cancer in Ontario. 

    March 2016

    CTV Saskatoon

    Ontario Ministry of Labour releases new fact sheet on radon in the workplace

    February 2016

    Blacklock's Reporter - Gov't Urges Radon Testing

    January 2016

    Calgary Herald - Scientists Mapping Deadly Radon in Calgary

    November 2015

    CBC i-TIP Get Radon Out

    EcoSuperior launches radon awareness

    Ottawa Citizen - Cancer Society working to convince province of radon danger

    Radon...can be found in the office

    Herald Homes: Understanding radon

    Guardian reports on Radon: the invisible gas


    Global TV News shares Radon testing message

    Public Health holds information session on radon in Guelph, ON

    Winkler, MB host Radon Awareness Open House

    Prince George sells out radon kits 

    October 2015

    CBC Interview on Radon in Fredericton, NB School

    Radon Gas Concerns brought to Council - Prince George

    September 2015


    City of Guelph introduces Radon Gas Mitigation Program effective September 1.

    - more details here 



    July 2015


    Canadian General Standards Board releases draft mitigation standard for review until September 1, 2015. 

    - here is a copy of the bulletin

    - here is a copy of the draft standard

     Download: comment form


    Yukon C-NRPP Professional honoured by the Yukon Innovation Prize for new radon


    May 2015

    CJOB Report


    Manitoba Hydro first utility in Canada to include radon mitigation in loan program.



    April 2015



    November 2014

    Radon Awareness Month in the News

    - Dr. Marla talks radon on CanadaAm

    - CTV Edmonton

    - CTV Calgary

    - CBC Thunder Bay

    - Global News - Saskatchewan


    - CREA Releases New Radon Pamphlet

    - CHBA Radon and New Construction

    - Canadian Cancer Society blog

    - Global News

    - CBC Reports: Not Enough Homeowners are Testing for Radon


    September 2014


    CARST/ON Lung/Mike Holmes/Health Canada Mitigation Event

      - check out pictures online

      - Global News story

      - Mike Holmes blog

    July 2014

    Ontario Radon Bill 11 - Radon Awareness and Prevention Act


    June 2014


    Newest version of CARST's Home Radon Alarm document - review deadline August 30.


    CBC Canada - Radon News Day

                      - Check out their map of Health Canada`s data

                      - Check out local stories across the country


    May 2014


    Tarion - Ontario Home Warranty Program

                            - Radon and your New Home Warranty


    April 2014


    USA Today Article on radon - Radon - the silent killer in your home


    CBC News Article - Grandfather Fights for Radon Testing in Schools


    March 2014

    CARST Home Radon Alarm Committee releases document for review:

    Request for Review HRAL-01.pdf

         Review Deadline: May 15, 2014

         Submittals to be emailed to: info@carst.ca


    The Face of Lung Cancer - testimony of Elizabeth Hoffman


    February 2014

    Saskatchewan Radon Levels - Lung Association in Saskatoon speaks on radon


    BC Lung Association - Radon Aware



    January 2014



    Radon Poster Contest

    -  Open to Students across Canada Grades 4 - 7


    Global News - BC - Home radon gas danger


    CBC Alberta - Radon News Story


    Health Indoors Magazine - January Issue (radon focus)


    Consumer Reports - on radon

          What Buyers and Sellers should know about radon


    Health Canada releases their new radon publication for Homeowner's

          Radon - Reduction Guide for Canadians

          Le radon - Guide de reduction pour les Canadiens


    December 2013


    Canadian Executive Government Journal

            Radon Gas: Canada's deep dark secret


    November 2013


    Global News - Radon dangers in your home


    Winnipeg Free Press - Reducing lung cancer is on radar

    September 2012

    First Nation Community Faces an Invisible but Deadly Enemy





    2017 mai

    Calgary - Une maison sur huit a des problèmes de radon

    Attention au radon dans les maisons

    2017 avril

    Éliminer le radon des puits artésiens

    Le radon : qu'est-ce que c'est

    2017 février

    Radon Association Pulmonaire du Quebec

    Détection du radon : l'initiative de la Société d'habitation du Québec saluée partout au pays

    2017 janvier

    Dosimètres et autres instruments de mesure pour le radon

    2016 décembre

    Campagne Municipalités contre le radon

    2016 novembre

    Le radon, ce gaz qu'il faut détecter

    Novembre est le mois de sensibilisation au radon

    500 trousses de détection du radon seront distribuées en N.-É.

    2016 octobre

    2016 septembre

    Connaissez-vous Les Risques du radon (pg 11)

    2016 juin

    Des Tests pour votre Maison

    2016 mars

    Ontario ministère du travail: Radon dans les lieux de travail

    2016 février

    La Tribune - La chasse au radon est ourverte

    2016 janvier

    Radio Canada - Radon dans les écoles

    L'Avantage - Votre maison et peut-être radioactive

    2015 Novembre

    Ne dormez pas au gaz! - Le radon démystifié par CAA Québec


    Le radon, une menace invisible et mortelle

    La Société canadienne du cancer veut informer les Québécois des risques associés au radon, la principale cause du cancer du poumon après le tabagisme

    Occupe-toi du Radon

    2015 septembre

    Faut-il avoir peur... de son sous sol?

    - voici l'article


    2015 juillet


    L’ébauche de la nouvelle Norme nationale du Canada pour les Mesures d’atténuation du radon dans les maisons et petits bâtiments 


    2015 mai


    Radio Canada Hydro-Manitoba offre de l'aide financière pour réduire l'exposition
    au radon


    2014 novembre


    ACI - L'Association Canadienne de l'Immeuble

    le radon - Guide du propriétaire


    2014 juillet


     LogiRénov Home Renovation Tax Credit


    Santé et Services sociaux Québec - Radon domicilliaire


    Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec


    Activités de dépistage du radon dans les établissements d’enseignement scolaires du Québec


    CAA Québec - Du radon dans la maison

    2014 janvier

    Un projet pilote sur le radon.

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