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First ever all-day practical field trip! This is no ordinary sight-seeing trip.  These sites will be practical spaces where you will learn hands on and earn 8 hrs CE credits.



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New Construction Rough-in  Let’s take a close up look at how radon rough in’s are being installed today.  We will inspect the materials and techniques being used and discuss improvements and best practices.  Then we will inject smoke into the riser and see how well they sealed the slab and the penetrations.  Finally, we will suck on the riser and develop a system design and see if what they built would be useable to the mitigator who has to activate that system.    

Diagnostics and System Design  Chapter 4 of the Contractor’s Guide describes the official Health Canada process for designing radon mitigation systems but to many mitigators it seems complicated and hard to follow.  We will perform an actual diagnostics and system design on a real building from start to finish and demonstrate the tools and the calculations needed to do the job properly.             


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Large Building Testing – Want to add large building surveys to your business?  Then don’t miss this opportunity to learn how large building surveys are performed according to the latest Health Canada guidance.  You will learn the easy way to get the best floor plan maps most suitable for radon testing, tricks for placing detectors, how to develop a communication plan for the employees, how to comply with the QA/QC requirements and the essential elements of a radon testing close out report.

Radon in Water Testing – Add radon-in-water testing to your suite of radon services!  Well water can have very high levels of dissolved radon and many industrial processes using ground water can have extremely high levels of radon in the air due to having radon in the water.  We will demonstrate the proper way to take a water sample for a radon in water test and show you what tools and equipment you need to do the job right by taking and processing actual samples of radon-containing water. 

Diamond Coring – Tired of jagged holes and all the dust and the noise created during dry coring with a large hammer drill? Having trouble dry- boring horizontal holes in foundation walls with your carbide coring drill? Want to add a diamond coring rig to your business and make clean, quiet holes in concrete slabs and walls for fun and profit?  We will have an expert demonstrate everything you need to know about diamond coring equipment and techniques.  And we will core some holes to show you how its done safely and efficiently. 


Safety Equipment – Safety considerations are becoming more and more critical.  You will learn the essential safety equipment needed to keep you and your workers safe while working in high radon environments.   We will demonstrate how to effectively record and calculate your occupational exposure and what additional actions and overhead must be taken into consideration as a result.

Blower Door Testing – We will perform an actual blower door test on a real building and demonstrate how and where air leaks from a home and what that means to a radon mitigator.  We will demonstrate the neutral pressure plane, how to calculate the natural air change rate for a home, and how to size an HRV for the purposes of reducing radon in the building.

In-floor heating – Sooner or later you will need to drill holes in a floor which has infloor heating.   We will demonstrate the tools and techniques needed to properly locate infloor heating pipes so they can be avoided while drilling.  Learn how to “trick” boilers equipped with outdoor reset control into heating the floor in the summer and all of the potential ways that the design of the heating system can make it more difficult to properly assess the precise location of the heating pipes.

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