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Radon documents and research papers

We have assembled a list of research available on radon.  We have tried to keep a exhaustive list so take time to browse through.  There are some quick links to the right for regionally specific information.  

Below is a developing list of resources for Canadian Radon Professionals.  We have just begun to list various documents and research papers that will be useful to your as a radon professional, please email us if you have a suggestion of a document that we should include.

Health Canada Publications: (will take you to Health Canada's website)

Website Links: Radon FAQs


Radon Measurements in Residential Dwellings (Homes)

Radon Measurements in Public Buildings 

(Schools, Hospitals, Care Facilities, Detention Centres)

Reducing Radon Levels in Existing Buildings: A Canadian Guide for Professional Contractors

Canadian Guidelines for the Management of Naturally Occurring
Radioactive Materials

Summary Report on Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) Field Study

Characteristic and Use of an Accumulating Type of Radon Test Chamber



Cross Canada Survey of Radon Concentrations in Homes

Radon - Another Reason to Quit

Radon - Is it in Your Home?

Radon - What you need to know

Radon Reduction Guide for Canadians



Radon Factsheet for Health Professionals

1HR Continuing Education Course for Health Professionals

A Visual Guide to Lung Cancer - WebMD


Characteristic and Use of an Accumulating Type of Radon Test Chamber  
Evidence of Lung Cancer Risk from Animal Studies

Attributable Risk of Lung Cancer Deaths due to Indoor Radon Exposure


Reliability of Inexpensive Charcoal and Alpha-Track Radon Monitors

    Radon in homes and risk of lung cancer: collaborative analysis of individual data from 13 European case-control studi

    Factors Associated with Residential Radon Testing Intentions among Kentucky Homeowners

    222Rn activity in groundwater of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec, eastern Canada: relation with local geology and health hazard

    Impacts of Heat Recovery Ventilators on Energy Savings and Indoor Radon in a Swedish Detached House

    Indoor Radon Characteristics in Canadian Arctic Regions

    Lung Cancer Rates Surging in Never-Smokers

    Lung cancer risk from radon in Ontario, Canada: how many lung cancers can we prevent?

    Effect of Sub Slab Pressurization on Indoor Basement Temperature and Relative Humidity

    Lung cancer risk from radon in Ontario, Canada: how many lung cancers can we prevent?

    Minnesota Department of Health’s Radon Resistant New Construction Effectiveness Study

    Mutational signatures of ionizing radiation in second malignancies

    Radon Management: Issues and options

    Radon, Smoking, and Lung Cancer: The Need to Refocus Radon Control Policy

    CARST Guideline for Conducting Radon Measurements as Part of a Real Estate Transaction of Residential Dwellings in Canada

    Canadian Lung Cancer Relative Risk from Radon Exposure for Short Periods in Childhood Compared to a Lifetime

    Case-control study of residential radon and lung cancer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    Residential Radon and Lung Case-Control Study

      Radon in Alberta

      Occupational Health and Safety Bulletin

      Worksafe Alberta Indoor Air Quality Toolkit

      Building Code Changes - CHBA Alberta

      Highlights of the Alberta Building Code 2014

      Radon in BC

      RadonAware (BC Lung Association)

      BCCDC Webinar on Radon

      Interior Health's Newsletter Announcing Mandatory Radon Testing in Child Care Centres - May 2017

      Radon Management Issues and Options

      WorkSafeBC - Radon

      Building Code Changes - radon

      Health Link BC

      Radon in Manitoba

      Manitoba Hydro Loan - Radon Mitigation

      Manitoba Government website

      Radon in New Brunswick

      First Nation Community Faces an Invisible but Deadly Enemy

      Radon in Nova Scotia

      Nova Scotia Environmental Health

      Radon in Ontario

      Guelph Radon Mitigation Program

      Central Elgin Radon Mitigation Program

      Radon in the Workplace

      Ontario Building Code 332/12.

      Lung Cancer Risk from Radon in Ontario, Canada

      The Prevalence of High Residential Radon in Thunder Bay, Ontario

      Tarion Information:

      Tarion - Ontario Home Warranty Program

      Radon and your New Home Warranty

      TARION 2013 Radon Gas

      Radon In Quebec

      Radon in Quebec Evaluation of the health risk and critical analysis of intervention strategies


      Radon In Newfoundland and Labrador

      Indoor Radon in Microgeological Setting of an Indigenous Community in Canada: A Pilot Study for Hazard Identification

      Radon In the Yukon

      Indoor Radon Characteristics in Canadian Arctic Regions

      Yukon Housing - Radon Information

      Yukon Radon Map

      Yukon School Radon Results


      CARST Documents:

      CARST Position Statement on Real Estate Transactions

      CARST Code of Ethics

      Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) Information:

      New C-NRPP Quality Assurance Guidelines
      Steps to become C-NRPP Certified

      C-NRPP Home Radon Alarm Listing Requirements

      Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) Publication: 

      CREA Homeowner Guide to Radon

      Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Publication:

      Radon in Indoor Air: A Review of Policy and Law in Canada

      Media Release -Radon-Policy-Challenge

      Radon Policy Challenge - October 2015

      Canadian Protection of Children Health and Environment (CPCHE):

      Vanguard Initiative to promote radon awareness among child care/early childhood professionals and the families they serve Project Report

      CPCHE Radon Outreach materials - for order


      Other Canadian Documents:                                                

      2006 Report of the Radon Working Group in Canada.pdf

      Population attributable risk associated with lung cancer induced by residential radon in Canada: Sensitivity to relative risk model and radon probability density function choices: In memory of Professor Jan M. Zielinski.


      (US) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Publications:                             

      EPA Guidance on Quality Assurance

      World Health Organization:

      WHO Handbook on Indoor Radon

      Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Control

      Radon Toxicity Who is at Risk for Radon Exposure

      Other International Documents

      PHE 2015 intercomparison of passive radon detectors

      Additional documents which have a fee for access:

      Measurement strategies for radon in indoor air of waterworks – a review

      What happens to in-soil Radon activity during a long-lasting eruption? Insights from Etna by multidisciplinary data analysis

      Other Research not Available Online:

      Activated Charcoal_2014

      CRCPD Blind Testing radon



      List of June 2017 Radon Papers

      A Survey of Radon Concentration in Manitoba Outside of Winnipeg 

      An Overview of Radon, Its Detection and Prevention

      CRCPD Newsbrief (1996)

      Health & Environmental Digest (1994)

      Indoor Radon and Lung Cancer (December 21, 1994)

      is residential exposure to radon an important public health issue 1990

      National Collaborating Center for Environmental Health Radon Testing

      Radon and the Manitoba Building Code 1996

      Radon Exposure Distribution

      The Manitoba Government Response to the Radon Issue 1990

      The Saskatchewan Radon Plant 1932 - 1962



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