CARST Committees

Participation in these committees will help provide credits towards your C-NRPP Certification renewal.

Membership Committee - Chair: Bill Rounds Sign up here.

Membership Committee members are responsible for communicating with members with regards to their membership.  They would ensure an appropriate process for new applications and renewals for memberships.  They are responsible for advertising and recruitment of new members and sending out updates to members or communicating with members as need comes up and generating ideas for membership benefits.


Conference Committee  - 2017 Chair: Colin Dumais                       2018 Chair: TBA            Sign up here.

This committee would be responsible for all aspects of the annual conference.  They would plan the location and schedule; produce and circulate advertising; recruit and process registrations; recruit sponsorship and advertising; produce conference package and send follow information as needed. 


Education Committee  - Chair: Scott Cryer                                                                               Sign up here.

This committee is responsible for furthering our goal of providing a community for education, sharing of ideas, resources and research by ensuring members have quality access to continuing education opportunities.  They would be responsible for ensuring regional activities were occurring across Canada to further education of the public on radon.  They would also be responsible for planning education opportunities for members to ensure continuing education credits are attainable in regional areas or online.

This committee works with C-NRPP providing input on certification policies and providing a process of review for C-NRPP approved courses.

Technical Committees

These committees are responsible for furthering our goal of ensuring quality standards are developed and adopted in radon measurement, radon mitigation and in construction of new radon reduction techniques.  They would be responsible for looking at current research and current policies across Canada and ensuring our members have access to up to date information as well as looking at advocating for issues of importance in Canada.

Current Technical Committees:                                                                                                 Sign up here.

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CARST/C-NRPP Research Committee

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